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Get to the point faster.

Rapidly deploy EV charging throughout your organisation. Using our money, not yours.

Supercharge your organisation
without any upfront costs

We understand that as more and more people transition to electric vehicles, the ability to offer charging for your staff and visitors will be an essential part of your organisations infrastructure.

We also understand that budgets are becoming increasingly stretched and while EV charging might be an attractive offering the reality is that your finances might be better deployed in other areas.

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Putting your organisation on the road to a sustainable future.

An annual subscription with
no upfront cost.

We’ve removed the capital expenditure barrier, so with eCharge there are no upfront costs. Instead, we operate an affordable annual subscription service. This approach allows us to get to work faster and deploy our system across your organisation as soon as you give us
the go-ahead.

Rapidly deploy. Safe, Secure
and Clean.

Using industry leading EV charging technology, we guarantee to ensure eCharge is right for you and your current electrical infrastructure. But we will go one step further and offer you the leanest clean energy through our proprietary Zero Carbon Market eProcurement platform.

Revenue potential.
Flexible scheduling.

You choose whether to monetise your charging infrastructure by setting tariffs for charging sessions. eCharge puts you in the driving seat, plugging in when ever it suits and eCharge will only start charging on the times you’ve set to take advantage of off-peak energy tariffs.

Energy visualised.

When combined with the MY ZeERO energy analytics platform you will be afforded a full picture of your
in-building energy consumption at asset level, which can include your eCharge points for a holistic view of your total energy consumption.
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